Charlie's Chaga Tea-Concentrate


Drinking this beverage is like consuming an elixir of immortality. People feel energized and happy afterwards - the color and the compounds supercharge the body.

It was known in ancient Siberian and Chinese medicine to be a stomach soother and have immune system effects.

Charlie's Chaga tea Concentrate is made with the best wild harvested Chaga sourced from Maine, New York, and New Hampshire. Brewed in small batches to fully extract immune boosting minerals Magnesium, Rubidium, and Zinc.

Chaga Contains 46 times more antioxidants than blueberries including Melanin for skin protection. 

Why Chaga is so good for you?

It provides what the ancient auyrevedic call Prana, revitalizing your tissues and filling your body with light. One of the natural pigment in the outer shell of the mushroom, which gives it the black appearance, is Melanin, which is an extremely powerful antioxidant that may also exhibit genoprotective (DNA) effects.

Because we only buy wild-harvested Chaga from birch (or Betula) trees, we can guarantee it is rich source of Betulinic Acid. People have known of the powers of the birch trees for thousands of years, it wasn't until now that we can finally run a clinically study and show that it may have antitumor/anticancer properties, particularly for melanoma. The Russians suggested to use Chaga medicinally in the 1950s making powerful claims, and indeed in much of the world, Chaga is used for all sorts of ailments. The Japanese name for Chaga is Kabanoanatake or "Diamond of the Forest".

Chaga is known to contain Beta Glucans (1-3 β-glucans) , a group of polysaccharides that may lower cholesterol and boost your immunity to fight viruses and bacteria. It also has a compound called Inositol which can help decrease anxiety and improve insulin sensitivity.

For the antioxidant punch, the Diamond of the Forest is loaded with Superoxide Dismutase (SOD).  This slow the aging in the body and allows it to handle more oxidative stress (like running and lack of sleep) and expel more foreign bodies. As the world becomes more polluted with toxic chemical and micro-plastics, we might do well to have some extra help.


How to start Chaggin' :

Blend into coffee as a non-dairy creamer to enhance your focus, or dilute with water into a pitcher with a squeeze of lemon for an unsweetened iced tea. 

Eight servings per bottle. 

Ingredients: Natural Spring Water, Wild Harvested Chaga, Ascorbic Acid